What's hot in 2017

2017, what a year.

I switched from R2R into Tech Recruitment and I suddenly became a specialist within a week, sounds about right for most Recruiters in a new sector, right?

Technology just keeps advancing with nothing stopping us yet, I thought I’d briefly discuss some of my favourite things from the past 12 months. Very erudite stuff to follow…

Intelligent Assistance

“OK Google” “Hey Alexa” “Oi Cortana, (where is Master Chief!?)” “Siri, what’s up?”

You probably hear these daily from friends and colleagues? If not, your friends aren’t cool enough. These have come a long way in 2017, error rates are apparently down to 5.1% in some cases, which is incredible for a computer to do.

Chatbots have also joined the ranks and have proven mostly successful. I also recently listened to a human speaker vs a computer speaker, the difference was very small, almost indistinguishable if you heard it in passing. AI is also being developed for self-driving cars, drones (military I’m sure), robots for things like home-care, fitness-helpers etc. We are moving very quickly… #terminator. #Robocop.

What do you think is next for this area of AI?



Twitter is full of this, strangely it’s often true (okay maybe not £5m) due to the ridiculous volatility in cryptocurrency markets. Apart from that, Blockchain is apparently an incredible technology that has the potential to change the world of finance and others. I’m already seeing more Developer roles in Blockchain startups (paying very handsomely I should add).

Is this going to incite a positive change or is this a bubble based on mass-belief and it will crash and burn soon… who knows? Ripple has recently gone from 0.2c to above $3.3, it claims to have institutional real world uses, lower fees and speedier transaction costs. Something invested $700m in late 2017, sounds serious to me.

*changes profile header*

“ Blockchain Evangelist | Crypto Master | BTC Investor | TejCoin ICO CEO "

Immersive Technologies

VR and AR are still not taking off exponentially and causing mass-interest and hype like I and many believe they should. These two genuinely have unlimited applications in the real world, from Police training, Medical practice, Alzheimer’s treatment, various therapy, Construction, Engineering – the list goes on.

It’s been a tough time since the Oculus rift launched, but sales of VR hardware have recently increased and more applications are embracing it. If you’ve ever worn a VR headset, you know just how immersive this can be and how surreal some of the experiences are, I’m really looking forward to what we can do with 'Reality'.

What areas/platforms/technologies/advances have you enjoyed seeing or being a part of 2017 and what are you looking forward to in 2018?

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