Don't accept poor feedback

We’ve all been there. Spent hours preparing for the big interview after work, when you really just want to get a takeaway and watch Police Interceptors… or Made In Chelsea. Don’t know which is worse, but I do know I’m a fan of both.

Anyways, you’re ready and eager to impress at this interview to secure the next step up in your career with that fantastic company. You’ve booked annual leave for the day.

You arrive on time, the interview goes well from your perspective, everything you researched came up. Great – now just waiting for the offer? (this wait always feels so long).

Next day you get an email from the employer, it may be personalised or worse – a generic rejection email. If it’s via a Recruiter then you should also expect an email or a call letting you know in a reasonable/agreed timeframe.

“Sorry, you’re great but just not right for us”


This is the most irritating form of ‘feedback’ that anyone can provide.

As a candidate, don’t accept this – question, ask for clarification, ask for something tangible, it’s not okay to get this after the effort you put in. It’s disrespectful, and leaves a bad impression of that company with you. Not building a positive brand image can do a lot of damage to you as an employer, so think about how you’re going to reject someone.

I’ve had clients say this to me, and I did not get off the phone until I had useful feedback, it’s not fair and doesn’t help anyone to give little or unclear comments post-interview. This is an opportunity to learn from the experience and move forward and improve on your next interview.

Get feedback. Give Feedback.

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