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I speak to many different Recruitment Agencies (surprise!) and of course an important question for me and for candidates is what makes you unique? What do you do differently? How do you ensure staff feel valued and responsible?

“We have the best commission structure in the industry”

Do you expect me to believe that when I have the documents of 10 other agencies right here and I can see you probably rank 7th?

“We have a unique and bespoke approach to how we source candidates and find jobs”

Unique? Just like everyone else then…

“Our office environment is great, we have the radio on and its buzzing like a real sales floor”

I have the radio on in my spare room/office, so essentially I have 50% of what makes you a good place to work, already?

“Our bonus is the best” How much do you have to bill a year to earn it? “Oh only 500k”

I then proceed to find out the top biller makes £350k a year. Good bonus, that.

Hearing these and various other claims makes me question what is it that genuinely differentiates Recruitment Agencies, basics/comms should all be fairly similar, so is it purely down to the internal environment?

Is it a case of the type of people who work there, management style and ‘gut feel’ about the office makes up a large part of your decision?

I know the most important factors for me would be 1. The people I work with 2. Sector 3. Earning potential 4. Lifestyle effects

What was the deciding factor when you switched jobs or started in Recruitment? What were you told in interview that changed when you started?

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