A year ago today I was fired.

Technology Recruitment

It’s actually true. I was told I wasn’t performing at the level they expected, no warning or attempt to understand why or take steps to help – strange right?

What's stranger, is at the young age of 22 I felt a wave of relief over me, I was sort of smiling and I felt free… until I got home and told my Indian mother, hah!

I had always wanted to start my own business, and this was a sign – I’d lost interest in my previous field and lost the belief that Pharma actually tries to help people (thanks Ben Goldacre). There was no better time to do it in my eyes, no kids, no mortgage, no 6.0L AMG V8 to combust my wallet (yet). So I did it.

It didn’t seem like a big deal, people were congratulating me and also worrying for me, I couldn’t understand why – if you believe in yourself and your capabilities, then you can do whatever you want, I’ve always had that attitude.

“Why should I be making Pennies when the business owner is making Pounds?”

This resonated strongly with me, from the late Felix Dennis. Are the owners smarter then you? Do they work harder than you can? What do they have that you don’t?

Yes, I jumped into Recruitment with 0 experience previously, no mentors and no clue. I didn't know we had a bad reputation! If I could change one thing – I would have worked in an agency first, at least until I was completely competent. However, since then I’ve taken on 2 advisors with 15 years’ experience between them and had training from Mike Walmsley.

We are always afraid to leave our comfort zone, do something risky and alien to us – without these experiences we don’t grow as people.

I’ve made enough placements in R2R to be profitable since my 2nd month and have already taken on 7 Tech clients in the last 2 months. One of which is a near billion-dollar turnover software company with thousands of employees, and another is a little 40-person hipster game studio making the next generation of VR tomfoolery - I enjoy the variety and I’m quite humbled at the calibre that have decided to work with me.

I will be expanding the company this year (+1) and moving into an office before Christmas, I’ve learnt a lot so far but there is plenty still left, perhaps I should watch that glossy highly-educational Recruiter ‘TV show’ on YouTube…

You go a bit crazy working alone for a year, it’s taken a lot of Xbox, dancing and Nandos to keep me sane through Recruitment. I’ve got like 5 whole loyalty-card chickens waiting for me.

I guess that’s the price you pay on the lonely road as a solo entrepreneur.

tej@exacityrs.com | 07934 063 722 | 02078 460 294 | @exacity | www.facebook.com/exacityrecruitment | Exacity_Recruitment (IG)

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