A fast review of the simple rules of Recruitment

C# Recruitment

R – Respect. We are trying to do our job as you are, we all face countless rejections and make mistakes from time to time so if we are to work together we need mutual respect for what the other is trying to achieve.

E – Eachother . We are both helping eachother in this relationship, of course we make a fee but we also want you to be happy and feel good about your next career move, you’re smart enough to know what you want and we should be smart enough to listen.

C – Communication. Don’t disappear, don’t ignore our calls, speak to us, tell us your concerns or any feedback you have with us. Instead of running away and hiding, be open with us and we of course will give the same back.

2 - theres 2 of us in this equation, don’t forget that!

R – Reachable, please tell us the best way to contact you and be available when possible, I know work get’s crazy but take 10 seconds to drop us a text and update us.

E – expectations. Ensure we understand eachother from the start, timelines, salary, non-compromise points, location etc, how long our clients will take for turnaround

C – Clarity, similar to the above, we should both make sure we are on the same page from our first conversation and that we both understand how to work with eachother and what we are looking for in your next role.

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