A guide to the RecExpo 2017


A few weeks ago I attended the Recruitment Expo 2017, I think there is a feeling among Recruitment veterans (Rec2Rec) that it is a waste of time – which it could be.

I felt that the majority of what I listened to, I had already been made aware of via people’s LinkedIn blogs, whitepapers and just general Recruitment-literature reading. So in essence I did not directly learn a huge volume that I can apply to help me move forward, but that’s a good thing as it means I’m paying attention to my progress as a Rec2Rec.

However, what I did learn from various speakers was fantastic.

The golden nuggets of information really made me think about how I operate, my vision for my business and how I should structure my workload. I think the most important lesson I learnt was to devote time to working ‘on’ my business not just ‘in’ it, granted it is just me at the moment but if I want to take this somewhere then I have to.

I came back with pages of notes, in fact most of what I wrote was my thoughts and ideas that were inspired by a few key points from each speaker. Working from home as a Rec2Rec, alone all day everyday can make you a tad crazy – so being in a different environment for two days was fantastic for my mindset and motivation.

It may seem like a whole day or two out the office, but for us noobs in the industry it can be very helpful, especially as Recruitment is so hectic we forget to make time to develop ourselves professionally.

It was also a great networking opportunity (as a Rec2Rec it was a big room full of candidates) and a chance to explore all the software that is available in Recruitment.

Most importantly? The freebies of course, I have more stress balls than I have stress right now….

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