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When I first got into Rec2Rec, I naively assumed that working with Recruiters would be a great collaborative experience. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? They know how to treat candidates, they know how to work with clients and build relationships and they stick to their word. After all they know what annoys them when dealing with a candidate i.e lack of communications and respect, not being kept informed of job progress elsewhere, lying and generally lacking integrity.


The most important thing to me is communication, I am always available to talk to clients and candidates (test me!) and I will always tell you the truth and stick to my word, always. I know lots of people who are the same, actually. Why is it that some Recruiters think it is okay to spend a lot of time talking to you, getting to know you…to then disappear of the face of the earth the next day? Please excuse me if I lack the intelligence to do so, but I just do not understand, I can’t comprehend why this is okay/standard practice for some people.

I ask you to pull out your phone and write a text that says ‘ I am sorry but I have to pull out of the process because [Insert reason here], I really appreciate your help and I will stay in contact” My personal best is 25 seconds flat (man of many talents). Surely people are not to busy to spare this time to be respectful to another human being?

Perhaps I am doing something wrong in my conversations with them? I feel as though we do build a great rapport, and I am always interested in people more then their CV/Career, where does your name originate from? What sports do you play? Oh you are from Elephant and Castle, have you been to Leb Grill? You get the gist.

So my question is, to those who have done this and continue to do it, please take a moment to reflect, and just think:

“If I was treated like this from a candidate, how would I feel? What emotions would I be going through? What effect will this have on my reputation with the client? “

As always, please let me know your thoughts.

I apologise if this blog came across like I am ranting. That’s probably because I am hah.



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