Recruiters, let's dance!

Bhangra is a traditional Punjabi Folk dance, it is energetic, vibrant and joyous – as you will see from the pictures. People often talk about what other 'sports' have taught them and how it has shaped their perspectives on work, so I thought I’d talk about something I am very passionate about. I have competed in 6 competitions and countless gigs/exhibitions in the US and UK, with the crowds ranging from 10s of people to 4,500.

These are my 4 key takeaways from Bhangra:


We practise 4-8hrs a day 6x a week during the ‘high-season’, your whole evening after work is taken up, and practise is not always fun. It is physically and mentally gruelling, to push your body past it’s limit at the risk of injury to achieve greatness on stage is a balancing act. You have to be focussed on your exact movements and at the same time not think about what you are doing; it takes a lot of practise to be good at this dance. There is no Bhangra dancer gene! The hard work that goes into it to reap the rewards is like finally making a successful placement in Recruitment, you have to keep pushing.

2. Resilience

We will practise over and over and over and over and over again to ensure our execution and fitness is on-target. There is no time for rest, despite the many failures on the journey, if you want to win you will motivate yourself. The ability to keep going despite being told you are consistently doing moves wrong is required, and to learn from the feedback and ensure you don’t repeat this mistake. Habits form quickly and these show up on stage. This goes with Recruitment, we often ‘fail’ and receive critique, whether its choosing an unsuitable candidate, or believing they will stay past the rebate or being rejected due to a PSL. I have learnt to take these as learnings, not failures.

3. The bigger picture

After a lot of practise in Bhangra, there is always that week where you do not care anymore. Every bone in your body aches, your tendons and muscles are crying out for some rest, and your mind wanders and is bored. I think this is similar to Recruitment Consultancy, we all plateau at some point, perhaps this is the point we should step back and assess how we are working and what needs improving. Take time to look at the bigger picture of what your work will lead to, by finding someone the right job, it's more than just personal commission - you could be changing their life.

4. Teamwork

“You are only as good as your weakest dancer”. This is very true, when judges watch a performance the weakest dancer will stick out and take the focus away from the strongest dancers. I dance with people who in my eyes are some of the best in the world. I am not intimidated by their abilities, but impressed with their work ethic and the way they always help the whole team improve, even at their detriment. Recruitment needs leaders like this, who truly care for the industry and their teams and support their aspirations. Working Rec2Rec, I like to see myself as an extension of your hiring team, not a third party, so teamwork is vital for us.

I hope that has given everyone some insight into Bhangra and how I apply what I have learnt to Recruitment, and how you can too!

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