The Weak Ness Monster

As soon as someone has finished describing their many strengths and positive attributes that make them the perfect candidate, I love to ask:

"What is your biggest weakness?"




“Erm, ah, er, hmm, oh, hmm...well that is a tough one…”

A lot of individuals in Rec2Rec that I have spoken to provide this pre-amble and go on to say a generic 'weakness' that is actually a (not-so-subtle) big positive. Why is this? Knowing ones' actual weakness is a strength itself. If we are able to reflect on our shortcomings it will surely lead to bettering ourselves, thus allowing us to excel further in our careers. Is it that employers do not create an environment where employees can show weakness? Is there not enough support? Or do people just feel that having a weakness is a big taboo that will effect their career prospects?

Showing that you have identified a weakness, thought about and actively work on strengthening it, is a big positive for an applicant, in my opinion.

Is this a question that most Recruiters ask? What kinds of answers do you usually get? Please leave feedback in the comments!

Tej Singh

Exacity Recruiter2Recruiter

#Recruitment #Recruiter #Recruit #weakness

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