This happened a month ago...

I started Exacity Recruitment on the 29th of June and I thought I would share a bit of background on the company.

Before Recruitment, I was working in Healthcare Communications with large Pharmaceutical companies, servicing their medical education projects. I developed various skills from my experience here, however, I had lost interest. I craved the ability to create my own career that would be goal-orientated, KPI-driven and allow me to build my own business/brand.

After much research and setting up the company, my focus was on the Rec2Rec market and I contacted agencies that I researched and would want to work for myself. The feedback was generally positive and things moved pretty quickly, two weeks in I had a good number of T&Cs signed and candidates on my books.

In my third week I made my first placement of a recruitment consultant and was offered a job by a client. A very humbling experience indeed.

I have chosen to work with a small group of clients so Exacity can feasibly provide them with a more personalised approach. My market is graduate level and those with up to a few years in Recruitment, primarily across different specialities in IT.

Most would provide "Top Tips", but it's Friday so I thought I’d share some of my light-hearted observations from my first month of starting a Recruitment Consultancy:

  • My patience level has greatly increased from 0

  • I love Monday mornings

  • Week-ends don’t exist, my week is Monday-Sunday

  • Sleep is my new enemy

  • My number of daily meals has been halved from 6 to 3

  • My grey hair count has stabilised at 2

Well, that is a whistle-stop tour of Exacity Recruitment's first month trading! Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me for more information. 02078 460 294

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