Tej Singh

Jobs in C#
Technology Recruitment

Tej founded the company in July 2016, age 23, with no previous Recruitment experience and no backing. He has since built a successful Rec2Rec division which has now led him into his passion; Technology.


In his previous roles he was solely responsible for the digital offering, maintained a Sitecore CMS for a Top 5 Pharmaceutical company and completely redesigned the website and marketing campaign leading to a 60% increase in traffic. He was also key in tendering and pitching for new business.

This has lead to him attracting two business advisors, spanning 15 years of Recruitment experience between them, who provide guidance and support. 

Coming from a Pharma and Communications background, Tej only knows quality and has a strong attention to detail, having not experienced typical Agency life he brings a genuinely different attitude to Recruitment. Studying at UNC: Chapel Hill provided an immersion into a new culture, and network, which is still utilised today. 

In his spare time (do Recruiters have this?!) he is learning HTML, C#, playing Xbox or dancing competitively.