Interview tips

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We will prepare you for every interview accordingly, however we want you to get a job because of your own abilities, skills and violition. Please check the following tips before you interview as these can be the difference between and offer or rejection.





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• Always be early for interviews

• Plan your journey beforehand and check for delays

• We recommend entering the office 10 minutes before the scheduled time

• Ensure you plan for interviews to last 1-2* hours, unless otherwise advised

*One of our clients once spent 6 hours with a candidate!


Understand the company thoroughly:

• Sectors they cover, employee number, awards won, news/media/key people

+ Turnover/profit if available, not a lot of people will look at these

• Ensure you look at the interviewers LinkedIn profile/online presence, so you can ask them questions about their experience and background  - you may also have lots in common, which will benefit you in interview

Two Ways

• Keep in mind that an interview is not an interrogation, it is a two way street - it is a meeting in which both parties explore what the other is offering

• Ask questions when appropriate and delve deep into things like the company culture, you want to ensure they are right fit

• Aim to build a rapport in the interview, you want to differentiate yourself

• As a Recruiter we are looking to close deals, so work on closing the interview to secure a next stage or an offer


• Answer questions succinctly and do not waffle, provide the key facts/figures and leave out the fluff

• Not asking questions shows a lack of interest and care for the job. 

• Most interviewers focus on the following areas of your profile:

 - Self-motivation - Ambition - Drive - Sales experience - Objection handling  - succeeding after failure 


• Sit up straight, shoulders rolled back and relax

• Maintain a suitable amount of eye contact 

• Firm handshake

• Smile! - Recruiters should be personable, so do not be a miserable git

• Ensure open posture, avoid being closed

• Keep an eye on your tone of voice, being monotone is a deal breaker, and can happen when you are nervous.

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